Hello! I'm Sara

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher, intuitive artist, Reiki Master, Sound facilitator and Reggio inspired educator. I have been sharing my most beloved tools for healing for over a decade in schools, studios, shelters and psychiatric hospitals across Connecticut.

A little of my story...

I spent a long time stuck in survival mode. I was living with the underlying belief that I was simply unworthy of love and support. This root belief dictated my every thought and action. It affected how I breathed, moved in my body, connected with myself and others. This constant stream of stress took its toll on my mind, body and heart. I felt disconnected, anxious and struggled with what seemed like an endless series of injuries and illness. It has been through the practice of yoga along with the exploration of nature, sound and creative art processes that I have found tools for empowerment and whole body healing. It is my life's purpose to share this healing, to allow those who have felt unworthy to be seen, heard and valued.

It is my hearts mission to create safe space for other to explore the root cause of their suffering and to practice bridging the gap between their mind, body and heart.

I look forward to growing with you.