Hello Everyone! 


My name is Sara Balkun. I am a Reggio inspired Educator, intuitive artist, Reiki Master, Sound facilitator and Registered Yoga Teacher.

After years of being stuck in survival mode and living with the underlying belief that I was simply unworthy of love and support, I began to experience a decline in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It has been through the practice of yoga along with the exploration of nature, sound and creative art processes that I have found tools for empowerment and whole body healing. It is my life's purpose to share this healing, to allow those who have felt unworthy to be seen, heard and valued.

I am an intuitive and creative teacher who compassionately holds space for people of all ages, abilities and experience as they safely bridge the gap between their mind, body and heart. I enjoy bringing awareness and balance to the nervous system as well as offering choices that encourage students to compassionately meet themselves right where they are.

Lets grow together

With all my love,