November 16, 2016

Hello Everyone,

I have been sifting through old journals, written yoga classes, pictures and memories in the back of my mind, in the hope of finding the perfect piece to post here as my first blog. Sharing some of my story through written word has been one of my highest intentions, and it has felt amazing to channel all this positive action and energy into its development. At the same time, the experience has also provided me with quite a bit of unexpected shadow work, work that helps bring some of my deeply hidden or denied judgments, secrets, insecurities, patterns and thoughts into the light for observation and maybe a little healing. I want to share them here with you as part of your healing too.

As I sat in front of my comput...

September 29, 2016

Hello Everyone and welcome to my blog!

 This is where I hope to share my own experiences, healing processes and reflections as a yoga teacher, Reggio inspired Early Childhood Educator, intuitive creator, family member, friend and wife to a big hearted ramblin' music man. Through this blog I  hope to link with my tribe and inspire others to connect with and cultivate love for their body, mind and beautiful creative heart. 

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