Yoga Classes

I Am Safe

I Am Safe is a mix between gentle and restorative yoga. This hour and a half class is a time to connect back with the body, a sense of safety and explore the practice of deep listening. These classes can consist of breath work, gentle flowing movements and long held restorative postures, often accompanied by the sounds of sacred instruments. Props such as blankets, bolsters and blocks are used to create feelings of support and the release of deeply rooted tension.


All are welcome here. 

I Am Enough

I Am Enough is an hour and fifteen minute class that provides an opportunity to compassionately work on strength, flexibility and focus of our conscious awareness. Attention is often brought to the idea of meeting yourself right where you are without judgement. This class offers choices for each posture making it a great all levels offering that empowers you to connect with your greatest teacher- you!

I Am Worthy

I Am Worthy is an hour and fifteen minute class that aims to build strength with compassion. This slow flow focuses on breathing deeply while exploring longer held postures. This practice aims to build heat in the body, a strong connection to the core and stable joints. This offering provides practice at stepping into your own power and realizing how worthy you are of health, happiness and abundance. 

Yoga and Guitar Serenade

Music is really at the heart of yogic understanding of the world! Yoga and music are both extremely healing and they allow you to feel and express your own rhythm.

This is the space Sara and Steve Balkun hope to create for each class. A place where people can connect with their bodies through music and movement, release the chatter of the mind and express their unique heart. 

This offering can be a mix any one of the yoga classes listed on this page with the sweet sounds of live electric guitar. All music is created in the moment and based on the unique energy of the class.


Steve is a talented musician and guitar maker from West Hartford CT. He has been playing music for about 12 years and has traveled all over the globe with his band the Balkun Brothers. 

Family Yoga

Each class offers a space for any caregiver to practice mindfully breathing, moving and connecting with the little one in their life. This class is child centered which means the class is led with the children's interest and development in mind. Best suited for ages 2-6. One child per adult.

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