When I started practicing yoga I found a renewal in my creating practice. I was reminded what gave me joy and peace was not the product of my tinkering but the process and presence creating so generously offers. Using my hands to work with materials and colors is a way for me to turn inward and listen to the whispers of my soul and the energy around me. As an empath I use mindful creating practices as a way to hold space for myself so that I may heal and express my creative heart. I also enjoy sharing my gift  by creating personal intuitive pieces for others.
Navigating The Journey Within

Healing from the inside out.

Mother I hear you

Messages from mother earth.

Mandolin Mermaid

Mermaids are elemental water beings that hold the aura of water which are symbols for our emotions. They are nurturing, compassionate, and the embodiment of the divine feminine. They understand everything is one. Mermaids can instantly attune their energy to every ocean, wave, ripple, and raindrop. They have but one purpose, to love and to sing the music of their heart and soul.

Fox Medicine

Fox teaches us the art of camouflage. Sitting quietly, breathing, watching, listening and feelings. Fox can weave gracefully through any situation. They can stay protected yet open as it observes the drama unravel around it.

Bunny Love

Bunny medicine encourages us to let go of our fear and move forward with love, abundance and health.

Horse Medicine

Horse encourages us to find our personal freedom and to express without holding back. The white horse helps guide us toward connecting to our intuition and natural instincts.

Healing with Pink

Pink is connected to the heart chakra and when focused on can allow us to let go of fear and anger and move towards compassion, forgiveness and healing.

Receiver of Love

Alone a dreaming Then I wander. Often when the sun is shining. Often when the moon is beaming.

Remover of Obstacles

A sensitive souls healing journey guided by Ganesha the remover of obstacles.


Playfully practicing moving through life with more fluidity and grace.

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