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I Am Enough: An exploration of Restorative Yoga Practices

In your space or online 

Whether you are a physician, practitioner, patient, survivor, in treatment, gathering strength or thriving, restorative yoga can support your overall health and wellbeing.

Restorative postures, which are often supported by blocks, blankets, bolsters, and other props, are held for 5 to 20 minutes as a way to maximize comfort and to allow the body to practice shifting from the fight or flight response into rest and digest. Through gentle movements, supported postures, simple breath work, and guided visualization practices you can gain an awareness of what the stress response feels like in the body and learn how to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. When parasympathetic activity is activated, healing and regeneration occur. The body performs activities like digesting, detoxifying, eliminating, and building immunity.


This 3 hour experiential workshop provides participants with an opportunity to learn how to…

  • Summarize the essential theories and science of restorative yoga.

  • Incorporate simple restorative practices into daily life that help prevent and manage stress, fatigue and exhaustion.

  • Examine common and unique barriers to self-care.

  • Identify and create the conditions that activate and support the relaxation response.

  • Cultivate the skills of conscious relaxation that aim to release unnecessary habitual tension in the body and mind by participating in a full-length restorative yoga class.


Mindfulness in the Classroom

Educator Professional Development ~ Birth to High School

Dive into the practice of mindfulness in the classroom. This two hour training offers teachers simple ways to practice staying happy, healthy and present in the classroom. Teachers will have an opportunity to explore...

  • What mindfulness is

  • Barriers to the present moment

  • Simple and effective mindfulness practices for teachers and students

  • Simple movement and postures to combat common repetitive movement of teachers

  • How to introduce mindfulness to students

  • Mindfulness practices to help students deal with their emotions.

This training includes an informative power point presentation, interactive mindfulness practices, open discussion to get to the heart of the teachers or schools needs and a hands on activity. 


Nature and Young Children

Early Education Professional Development

This two hour training is all about the fascinating and highly important connection between nature and young children. Early Education teachers have the opportunity to explore...

  • Why connecting with nature is so important

  • Barriers to nature

  • Simple and effective approaches to connecting with nature

  • How to connect art and nature in the classroom

  • How to use recyclables in the classroom

  • Project based learning in nature

This training includes an informative power point presentation, open discussion to understand and address the unique needs of the teachers or school and hands on art and writing activities.


Yoga and Watercolor Affirmation Card Workshop

In studio or in your space ~ Great for teens and adults.

​A two hour workshop that takes you on colorful journey through the chakras. Using breath work, visualization, affirmations, gentle flowing movements and mindful watercolor painting you are offered an opportunity to connect with and balance your energetic body as well as heal and express your unique creative heart. 

You will leave this workshop with your own unique set of watercolor affirmation cards. 

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